Alton Redbirds Baseball

Busch Stadium Game

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AHS Baseball- Sport Psychology
Alton Wins in Walk-Off Style
Alton Baseball Ranked #4 in STL Today- Large Schools Poll
LARGE SCHOOLS 1 Francis Howell 33-5 Vikings won Class 5 state title last year. Team will have to have new faces step in and make some big contributions. 2 CBC 24-9 Cadets were runner-up to Francis Howell. CBC will be looking to make
Alton Daily News
3/25/2014 Gordon Moore Park- The Alton Redbirds beat the Moline Maroons in boys baseball under the lights Tuesday night at Gordon Moore Park.  The final, 9-3 in favor of the Redbirds.  Alton improves to 4-and-1….with their 4th&
Preseason Team Countdown: No. 41 Alton (Illinois)
Author: Sean Duncan (Prep Baseball Report)
Preseason Team Countdown: No. 41 Alton Fri March 7, 2014 By Sean Duncan Executive Director Leading up to the start of the high school season, we will count down the top 75 preseason teams every day as part of our comprehensive season cover
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