Alton Redbirds Baseball

Opeing Day at New Varsity Baseball Field

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The New Varsity Baseball Field
AHS Baseball- Sport Psychology
Alton Wins in Walk-Off Style
Alton picks up big SWC victory over O'Fallon
Author: Bill Roseberry, Advantage News
ALTON — The Alton Redbirds did what they needed to do Tuesday at Gordon Moore Park. Behind the talented arm of 6-foot-8 lefty Bryan Hudson, the Redbirds blanked Southwestern Conference rival O'Fallon 4-0 at home. After suffering a SWC loss to the Ed
Hudson throws opponents curve with his size, ability
Author: Jim Faasen: St. Louis Post Dispatch
At 6-foot-8, Alton senior lefthanded pitcher Bryan Hudson has one heck of a reach. It is a reach that appears bound for the Major League Baseball entry draft in June Hudson can throw a fastball in the mid-90s, and he has a killer curve that has big
Big league scouts flock to check out Alton pitcher
Author: Norm Sanders; Belleville News-Democrat
Maybe Alton High baseball coach Todd Haug has been around Bryan Hudson too long to fully understand the talent that has been bringing major league baseball scouts to Redbirds games like bees to honey. Haug said there have been at least 15 scouts or
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