Alton Redbirds Baseball

Opening Day 2017

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New Athletic Complex (March 2016)
Cauley Signs with Northwestern
Bryan Hudson Postgame Interview
The New Varsity Baseball Field
AHS Baseball- Sport Psychology
Redbirds finally move into new baseball home on the hill
Author: Greg Shashack, Alton Telegraph
GODFREY — The thrill of moving Alton baseball to a new shiny new home on the hill overlooking Alton High was a hard sell for Redbirds senior Jacob St. Peters. “I didn’t really like the idea at first, I’m not going to lie,” St. Peters said. “Hopkins
Alton High's Field of Dreams
Author: Bill Roseberry, Advantage News
To say head coach Todd Haug and his Alton High baseball team are excited about their new baseball facility on the Godfrey campus is an understatement. “It’s well on its way to being what we believe will be one of the nicest parks in the state,” Haug
Alton begins the year ranked #21 in Illinois
Author: Sean Duncan
PRESEASON TOP 25 TEAM COUNTDOWN: NO. 21 ALTON Wed March 9, 2016 By Sean Duncan Executive Director Leading up to the start of the high school season, we will count down the Top 25 preseason teams every day as part of our comprehensive season cover
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