Alton Redbirds Baseball

Opeing Day at New Varsity Baseball Field

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The New Varsity Baseball Field
AHS Baseball- Sport Psychology
Alton Wins in Walk-Off Style
It's MIZZOU- Alton's Hudson signs with Tigers
Author: Greg Shashack
GODFREY – The Fighting Illini T-shirt Bryan Hudson wore under his sweatshirt at Alton High on Friday was just a decoy. β€œIt was just to fool people because they were trying to get underneath my hoodie so see who it was,” Hudson said with smile. By t
Alton Baseball and Pro Image Holiday Sale
2015 Alton Redbirds Baseball and Pro Image Holiday Sports Apparel  and Novelty Sale Vendors: Nike, Majestic/VF, Antigua, Soft as a Grape, Reebok, and Adidas. The Alton Baseball team will be sponsoring their 50% off Spor
Alton Baseball Ranked #4 in STL Today- Large Schools Poll
LARGE SCHOOLS 1 Francis Howell 33-5 Vikings won Class 5 state title last year. Team will have to have new faces step in and make some big contributions. 2 CBC 24-9 Cadets were runner-up to Francis Howell. CBC will be looking to make
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